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The plant is equipped with pioneering technologies and facilities such as the KATHABAR system and fully automatic PLC control CIP (Clean in Process) system
for gelatin preparation

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  Purified Water System (ION Exchange)

World Class Manufacturing
Currently the Indian EHGC market is estimated at approximately 64 billion capsules in absolute production terms. Therefore at DRL our State-of-the-art Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules manufacturing facility is one of the most modern in the country with four EHG capsule manufacturing machines that currently produce about 6.5 million capsules per day. Plans are underway to scale up production to double the current capacity in the next couple of years.

Built over an area of 50,000 sq. ft., this new-age manufacturing facility has been conceptualized, developed and executed in adherence to international guidelines and regulations like the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) from authorities such as the USFDA and WHO. The plant is also fully air-conditioned (BMS Controlled) and the manufacturing processes are fully automated for temperature, humidity control, sanitization and eliminating risk of microbial contamination.

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Capsule Manufacturing Machines
We have four imported EHG capsule manufacturing machines with state-of-the-art features like:
Camless dipping over conventional dipping for better capsule profile
Servo technology to provide trouble-free operations with accuracy and precision
Display for all types of controls on the PLC screen for better control
Downloadable store production data and fault data on a PC for future analysis

Kathabar System
To ensure superior quality we employ the Kathabar System - a world leader in industrial humidity control, which ensures superior capsule quality and low microbial presence. In this system, Kathene desiccant solution removes and kills 94% of all bacteria, virus and molds in addition to providing best drying system to ensure that EHG capsules retain the desired profile and push precise tolerences.

The Kathabar System aids in:
Accurate temperature and humidity control
94% Bacteria-free air
Increased production rate; minimal downtime
Consistent and efficient production

Clean In Process (CIP)
The PLC controlled CIP system, provides excellent sanitization of the melter mixer. The system consists of hot purified water storage tank, high pressure SS 316L PUMP,SS 316L EP Piping with loop & control valves, spray ball, Filtered Steam piping and PLC panel.

The vessel interiors are steam cleaned with the help of fully automatic cleaning process control sequentially programmed cycle, followed by hot purified water spray. This sanitization process follows international cGMP norms for microbiological tests. The process is proved to be highly effective, economical and safe.